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Testimonials for The Ultimate Nail File

This is one of the best products that I have purchased in a long time...
Truly a girl's best friend! Since I  do my own nails I buy a lot of nail
products but I do occasionally treat myself to a professional manicure,
and  this nail file is of  better quality than the beauty experts use.

And the best part is that it lasts forever, making it a once in a lifetime

purchase...and in these economically challenged times what could be

better than that?

 Alison Collier

 Beverly, MA




Hey Olsen EZ cuts… I have to hand it to HAVE re-invented the wheel...your nail file is like no other...from the custom shape, the perfect angle for the point to reach deep under my nails with zero effort, the unique cuticle pusher and the diamond abrasive coated surface, this is unlike any other on the market today!

Pauline BelleIsle

Clearwater, FL

The "Ultimate Nail File Kit" is the best nail file & buffer I have ever used.  The file does not chew at the nails or leave jagged edges; it simply  removes the edge of the nail you are trying to shape.  The  abrasive side of the buffer helps to remove all ridges and imperfections in the nail bed then when followed by the  smoothing side, you are left with smooth shiny nails.  I didn't even have to use a clear coat on my nails when I was done; they were very soft, shiny and just natural!

  Stephanie Nelson

Millington, IL 


I love my new nail file from Olsen E-Z cuts. Both of my daughters use it also and when I want to use it, I usually find it in their rooms.

Kim Melvin

Newburg, ME


I love my new nail file. It fits my hand so well and the shape makes it easier to hold when filing my nails. And, the nail buffer makes my nails so smooth and pretty.

Donna Leonard

Hampden, ME 


A friend of mine gave me one of these nail files in a gift bag I am not usually one who does a whole lot with my nails. But one day I had caught my nail on something and it was just so irritating. I used the file and it worked great. I couldn't believe how well it smoothed out the nail and left no rough of fuzzy edges. Now I use it all the time and have even bought some for my friends. And yes, they love theirs as much as I love mine.  

Vanessa Baez 

Dunedin, FL

I started using the Olsen E-Z Cut Nail File as a tester over 6 months ago. I’m partial to acrylic nails and this diamond nail file does it all. No tearing or rough surfaces on the hard edges of the acrylic nail. The nail salon I go to has also been using an Olsen E-Z file for over 6 months and they tell me that it works as great today as it did the first time right out of the package. Some say that I will loose this file long before it ever wears out. I truly believe that.    

Chrissy Makridis

Clearwater Fl


I used the Ultimate Nail file and buffer on my fingernails and it gave me a perfect soft buff and made my nails smooth and shinny.  My husband saw the package and thought it was for him. Even Men prefer The Ultimate Nail File. Works great on cuticles too.

  Amanda Benjamin

Palm Coast, FL


The Last Nail File You Will Ever Buy!                     Coated in real diamonds!

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